Optimize Your Pharmacy For Search Engines

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to your pharmacy website from search engines. Using methods that search engines employ to rank a page, our SEO team can make your website appear on the first or second page of a search engine’s listings for relevant keywords in your area.

We will make the necessary changes to your website in order to achieve top rankings in the major search engines for both mobile and desktop searches.

Pharmacy Website Services

We are familiar with Pharmacy and Specialty Pharmacy services as well as best practices in regards to web and mobile search criteria.

Mobile Versions

Mobile users now expect an experience optimized for their device. Designing your pharmacy website with a mobile-first approach ensures the best possible experience at the mobile level. Responsive design allows your site to conform to any screen size or device, regardless of the device used.

RX Applications

Responsive web design can be used to create web applications that are useful to your Pharmacy. Common examples are Prescription Transfers, New Prescriptions, Reorders and Delivery. These applications can be simple or complex depending on the intended user or service.

Contact Lists

Your Pharmacy Applications can help you build quality contact lists that you can communicate with in the future. If your website is not building you a customer list, it should. Nothing else is as good at reaching your customers after they have left your site.

Quality Assets

SoftGear maintains a large library of high quality digital imagery geared toward medical and pharmacy services. We also have resources for custom imagery and stock images if you require something unique or specialty. Our in-house graphics department can also work with any images you provide.

Design Services

All of our work is based on your Pharmacies "Brand". We will produce assets that faithfully represent the look and feel of your business. If you do not have an official "Brand" or would like to update branding, our staff would be happy to guide you through the process with a professional, structured approach.

Optimized Coding

You can’t see it but your pages’ coding determines how search engines index and rank them (with speed becoming an increasingly important factor). SoftGear ensures your Pharmacy website code helps your pages and all their content get indexed fast and properly.

Meet Our Specialists

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